Based in Stockholm, Anthrop Pharma is under new ownership since December 2016 and is managed by our COO Leif Olsson, CEO Clas Lindbergson, Senior Advisor Göran Heintz and CFO Torbjörn Carlsson.

Clas Lindbergson
CEO & Partner

25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry; Sandoz, Novartis and Pfizer for example. He has held various positions in sales and marketing, as well as Head of Commercial with responsibility for product launches. Portfolio range from pharmaceuticals to medical devices. Clas was Nordic CEO for EISAI and the last 5 years worked at Ergobe Pharma/Unimedic/Cross Pharma business group. Co-founder of Ergobe Pharma/Unimedic Pharma, which is now a market leader in unlicensed medicine.

Phone: +46 706 58 11 80


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Göran Heintz
Senior advisor & Partner

Göran is a Pharmacist. Most recently Head of Business Development at Ergobe Pharma/Unimedic/Cross Pharma. Co-founder of Ergobe Pharma/Unimedic Pharma, the leading supplier of unlicensed medicines in the Nordic markets. Göran has prior to this several years of experience from Parallel Trade as CEO for Paranova Läkemedel AB in Sweden. Wide experience of marketing through co-owner of Sparre Medical, a medical advertising agency. Various positions at Astra Zeneca in Sweden and South America and at Bristol Myers Squibb in Scandinavia.

Phone: +46 708 93 28 90

Torbjörn Carlsson

Torbjörn has many year of experience as CFO from middle size pharma related businesses in Sweden, Finland and Asia. Solid background in Finance and Administration following several years of work within the banking and finance sector. He holds a B.A in Business Administration from Uppsala University, SWEDEN.

Phone:+46 706 49 50 90